We are all made

of both

Feminine and masculine energies


We need to find balance again.


The Divine Feminine is the inseparable companion to the Divine Masculine and we need to find that balance within ourselves again.  We need to come in touch with the innate body, heart  and wisdom residing deep within us which is being kept locked away, to enable us to feel, hear, know, sense our soul and intuit our highest options on our path.  Over many eons we have lost touch with these natural abilities residing within each one of us and behind all of this is natural love that we need to re-connect with.   The aspects of the Divine Feminine stress the values of caring, acceptance, intimacy, empathy, compassion and love, love, love.

Our evolution is driven by a loving intelligence so it therefore makes sense that unconditional love is a subtle energy that connects the worlds of spirit and matter.  It is love that weaves our heart felt dreams with universal energies so that they manifest in our lives.  When cellular structures become so full of love that they can no longer contain the energy of love, they simply divide and create more cells to hold more love.  This love energy is so powerful at soul level that we can actually transform our DNA, heal and shift the consciousness of not just ourselves but the whole universe!

The Lunar Influence

As well as being responsible for tidal flows and personal energy cycles the Moon has a deep and penetrating influence on our current ascension process.   It takes the Sun’s masculine energy and reflects it to Earth as a beautiful Divine Feminine frequency.  Since the Cosmic Moment on 21 December 2012 more and more Divine Feminine Energy has been flowing from the Moon illuminating our DNA as we start to ascend.


During the Golden Era of Atlantis, masculine and feminine energies were perfectly in balance.  When Atlantis fell, masculine energy began to predominate.  Men took control and disempowered women.  At a spiritual level women allowed this.


The masculine side of humanity is left-brain and logical.  The traditional male role is to be strong and protective, find food for the family and support them; therefore the male has a wider picture area in which he finds himself than the female.  Metaphysically, the masculine expands horizons, takes ideas, carries them through and seeks knowledge.  The left brain works with technology and science and develops communications.  When masculine energy becomes excessive, the social structure becomes power-based, acquisitive, hierarchical and aggressive.   It needs to be balanced with creative, loving feminine energy. 


The feminine side is right-brain, creative and spiritually connected.  The traditional female role is to create a home, conceive babies, care for the family and nurture it, so wisdom, compassion, loyalty, responsibility to the race, intuition and receptivity are feminine qualities.  Metaphyscially, the feminine conceives new ideas and looks after them until they are ready to come to fruition.  When society is overbalanced on the feminine side, this leads to stagnation and inertia, so that people do not develop their potential.  This needs to be balanced with clear-thinking, decisive, action-based masculine energy.


Now lunar energy is lighting up the right brain of everyone on Earth in order to develop the feminine qualities in us all.  When these are accepted and both feminine and masculine energies are developed equally, a sense of peace and safety will pervade our planet.  When the feminine and masculine work together in divine harmony, creative ideas and spiritual technology will be born and developed to perfection.


A Supermoon is a new or full Moon that closely coincides with the Moon’s closest point to Earth in its orbit.  Supermoons appear bigger and brighter than the average Moon and cause larger than usual tides.  They dynamically affect the cells of our body as they bathe them and our DNA in the light of the Silver Ray.  Since 2012 the number of Supermoons has increased.  As the ascension or our planet accelerates towards the new Golden Age the Moon will flood us with transcendent love from the Cosmic Heart.


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