Channeled Message from Archangel Self

"I am a Warrior of the Light

See me as the Light

Look into me thy Light

Merge with me

Allow me to carry thee deeper into thy Light

Be it unto thee to step into thy Light

Be it unto thee to manage this magnificent Light

Be it unto thee to devote daily unto thy Light

I am an Archangel of the Light

I am Archeia, the feminine side of this Warrior Light

I am Faith in fortitude

I come to teach you to find unto you thy Faith and thy Light

I am a blend of Diamond and Blue

Sent from the Heavens to transmission for you

A keeper of this Light

An Angel sent to illumine in you

The Hue of Diamond and Blue

I have experienced to in turn enthrall and entrance in you

The highly sensitive nature of this Diamond and Blue

Now is the time for me to show even more to you

To show myself as this Angle sent from home for you

Focus on Faith to take you further into thy Light

Find your way within

It is all therein

Submit to silence

Seek thy wisdom, thy Light within

Sit in Silence

Spend sacred time within"


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