Why 'Ascension' Soul Healing??

Firstly and quite simply from the moment we are born until the moment we pass on from this world we are on our path to ascension, our path of transformation.  There are times throughout our journey when we move into discomfort, our moments of learning and growth.   At these times we can feel intense moments of mental, emotional and physical pain and it is important to find a way to move through these traumas in a way that is gentle yet clearing, to allow ourselves to feel the pain to move through it into light, to learn the lesson and take the blessing so we can take the next steps on our path. We can learn to let go so we can make room for joy and bliss.


Secondly and more deeply since 2012, the energy of our planet has changed immensely with much more high-frequency light coming in.  Humanity is undergoing a consciousness shift which requires re-education and de-conditioning.  Through this shift we as human beings are evolving and throughout this process we are undergoing strong periods of releasing.  Our bodies are changing at a deep energetic level and as we grow we are releasing a lot of past life karma and we are feeling it in many ways, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Many people are going through this and not even aware this is what they are going through. 


I would like to briefly go through the basic meaning and mechanics of the ‘Ascension’ and discuss the various symptoms that we as humans are encountering in our evolution process. I will be uploading many articles and tools on the website that will help support your awareness to investigate and explore the impacts it has upon us human beings, our planet and all of consciousness.  I will also be sharing my personal stories and experiences posted through videos and blogs and in the hope they may help you.

Ascension Soul Healing is to support those in the Awakening and Remembering process; both consciously and unconsciously!  Every single being will go through the awakening process at some timebut we’re still in the early stages so, again, many people are unaware they are at this stage, please click on the 'related blogs' link below to view 'Signs and Symptoms of Ascension' to see if anything resonates with you.

Namaste, Ashling